Unnamed Rank 3 Armour

Lt. Grey's unnamed Armour. The shoulder crest is clearly visible.

Name: Unknown
Affiliation: British Army
Rank: 3
Operator: Lt. Rosalind Edlyn Grey

Lieutenant Rosalind Edlyn Grey of Fairfax Company operates this as-yet-unnamed Rank 3 Armour.


Rosalind’s Armour, as a Rank 3 machine, appears almost identical to the ‘Grey Horseman’. Its heraldic device, on the right shoulder, looks like a cross within a circle, with a sword placed diagonally across it. The logo is gold. In its most recent appearance, a black band has been added around the upper right arm, likely in memorial of Pvt. Roberta Paige.


This machine is first seen in battle against Jaeger’s bodyguards- in response to one ‘Bronze’ Armour threatening Private Paige, Lt. Grey steps in and dispatches the enemy with a blow to the head. It is next seen during the artillery ambush on Fairfax Company- Rosalind is operating it immediately prior to the shelling, and, when Private Paige’s Armour is destroyed, Rosalind’s machine sits idle in the middle of the shelling until Captain Fairfax uses her Hangman’s extendable claw to retrieve it during the retreat. Rosalind’s Armour is next seen before the British forces deploy to meet the incoming German army, sitting in its berth with the cockpit open and a rifle-type weapon in a rack next to it.

Armament and AbilitiesEdit

Rosalind’s Armour uses a similar-looking rifle-type weapon to Ash’s ‘ Grey Horseman’, although it is seen wielding it in its right hand before the shelling attack on Fairfax Company, as opposed to the ‘Grey Horseman’, which holds its gun in its left. In addition, Rosalind uses a bayonet-like blade that deploys from the machine’s right fist to kill an enemy in close combat.


  • This Armour is the first such machine to be shown fully idle in its hangar, with the cockpit open to display its interior, which appears cramped.
  • Though it is seen in one panel holding a rifle in its right hand, the rifle seen in a rack next to it, by the location of its ammunition hopper, appears to be designed for left-handed use.