Rank 4 Armour- 'Silber' Class

Jaeger's 'Silber' class Armour

Name: Unknown
Affiliation: German Army
Rank: Equivalent of Rank 4
Operator: Hpt. Hans-Jurgen Jaeger

The ‘Silber’ class is an Armour described as the equivalent to the British Army’s Rank 4 Armour. Hans-Jurgen Jaeger operates such an armour- if his machine had a unique name, it is unknown.


‘Silber’ Armour is far lighter and more manoeuvrable than its British counterpart, taking on a more humanoid overall shape, with an upright stance and double-jointed limbs allowing it to perform complex punches and kicks. Jaeger’s machine has a squat helmet that grows directly from the torso, appearing unable to turn and look about like the heads on other Armours. It has a green circular logo on its right shoulder, although the exact design is never clearly seen. From the parts seen at various angles, it may be a wolf’s head.


Jaeger first appears in his ‘Silber’ class Armour when issuing his challenge to Griff. In the ensuing combat, his faster and more agile Armour allows him to easily gain the upper hand. Once Griff loses consciousness, however, his Eye takes over his body and Armour. Jaeger's Armour first loses an arm, before being incoporated in its entirety into the Raging Griffon.

Armament and AbilitiesEdit

When it first appears, Jaeger’s Armour has no visible weaponry save for its bare hands, prompting Griff to comment that his opponent is ‘either foolhardy or confident’. While Jaeger is able to use his machine to soundly beat the Raging Griffon unarmed, as a form of finishing move a wavy flamberge-style blade can be deployed from both of the Armour’s forearms, triggered by Jaeger making a twisting motion with his hand controls. These are used in Jaeger’s ‘Flamberge’ attack.


  • In one shot from above where the heraldic logo on its shoulder would normally be seen clearly, the logo had disappeared from the panel.