Rank 4 Armour- 'Raging Griffon'

The second form of the 'Raging Griffon', after merging with Jaeger's Armour

Name: Raging Griffon
Affiliation: British Army
Rank: 4
Operator: Cpt. Griffifth Alexander Holbrook

‘Raging Griffon’ is the name of the Rank 4 Armour operated by Griffifth Alexander Holbrook.


Initially, ‘Raging Griffon’ appears as a typical heavily-built Rank 4 Armour, with red livery on its left shoulder guard and helmet. When it later incorporates Jaeger’s ‘Silber’ class Armour into itself, it takes on a more humanoid shape compared to other Armours of its type, although still a little bulkier than Jaeger’s machine. It has a circular red crest on its right shoulder, with a design of a rampant Griffon.


Raging Griffon is first seen immediately prior to the occupation of the town in Southern France, and Griff operates it during the subsequent skirmish, noting that, with the intuitive understanding of his enemies’ locations afforded by 'The Eye', he hardly needs to use its visual display at all. Griff uses Raging Griffon to engage Jaeger in single combat, but the heavier British machine proves too cumbersome for Griff to match Jaeger, even with the benefits of The Eye. When Griff is knocked unconscious, The Eye takes over control of his body and Raging Griffon, and disassembles and combines the two machines. The new Armour is still presumably called Raging Griffon, and has not been seen in combat yet.

Armament and AbilitiesEdit

Raging Griffon was initially armed with a gigantic rifle of some kind, and a thick-bladed sword. Griff presumed the sword would be good enough for melee combat with Jaeger, and discarded the rifle, but never managed to land any hits with the sword either. It is currently unknown what weapons the new Raging Griffon will use.