Rank 4 Armour- 'Hangman'

'Hangman' using its extending claw arm.

Name: Hangman
Affiliation: British Army
Rank: 4
Operator: Cpt. Hannah May Fairfax

‘Hangman’ is the name of the Rank 4 Armour operated by Hannah May Fairfax.


‘Hangman’ appears as a typical Rank 4 British Armour, much like Raging Griffon’s first configuration, save for its unique armament. It has blue livery on its helmet and left shoulder guard, and a blue crest depicting a simple cartoon Hangman- as in the word-guessing game- on the right shoulder.


‘Hangman’ first appears, operated by Captain Fairfax, immediately before Jaeger appears, and is later seen in combat against Jaeger’s bodyguard. The next time it appears is on Fairfax Company’s ill-fated patrol. Captain Fairfax uses its extendable claw to retrieve the unresponsive Lt. Grey from the warzone before retreating.

Armament and AbilitiesEdit

Like ‘Raging Griffon’, ‘Hangman’ wields a heavy-bladed sword in its left hand. Uniquely, instead of having a right hand suitable for using a ranged weapon, ‘Hangman’ instead mounts a retractable three-fingered claw that can be fired out with great force on the end of a thick metal cable. The fingers of the claw can extend and space out to properly grip the hull of an Armour.