Rank 3 Armour- 'Grey Horseman'

Rank 3 Armour- 'Grey Horseman'

Name: Grey Horseman
Affiliation: British Army
Rank: 3
Operator: Lt. Seymour Earl Ashleigh III

‘Grey Horseman’ is the name of the Armour operated by Seymour Earl Ashleigh III.


Grey Horseman appears like any other Rank 3 Armour in the British Army, save for its slight grey tint. On its right shoulder is a circular grey emblem, though the design has not yet been seen clearly. Presumably, it depicts some form of horseman.


Grey Horseman is the first Armour seen in the series, and introduces the method of depicting lieutenants and lower ranks with the black outline of their Armour around them. Ash is seen operating it immediately prior to the skirmish in Southern France, though it is not seen in combat. It is next seen in combat against Jaeger’s bodyguard of Rank 3 Armours, with Ash easily scoring a direct hit on the head of an opposing machine.

Armament and AbilitiesEdit

Grey Horseman is armed with the heavy gauntlet typical of British Armours, and a heavy solid-ammo rifle. Interestingly, the ranged weapon is in the left hand and the gauntlet on the right, the opposite of the typical configuration.