Rank 3 Armour- 'Bronze' Class

Two 'Bronze' class Armours forming part of Jaeger's bodyguard

Name: Unknown
Affiliation: German Army
Rank: 3
Operator: Various, unknown

The ‘Bronze’ class Armours are used by the German Army, and are said to be equivalent to Rank 3 Armours such as Grey Horseman in the British Army.


‘Bronze’ class Armours are angular, gunmetal-grey machines, with several armour plates picked out in a bronze colour, befitting their classification.


A ‘Bronze’ class is the first German Armour seen, being sliced in two by the ‘Raging Griffon’ [along with several buildings] during the skirmish in the French town. At least half a dozen later appear as Jaeger’s bodyguards, engaging the rest of the British forces while their commander fights Griff.

Armament and AbilitiesEdit

The few times a ‘Bronze’ class’ armament has been seen, it appears they follow a similar convention to most British machines; a ranged weapon in the right hand, with the left being a heavy smashing fist.


Though they are equivalent to a lieutenant’s Armour, ‘Bronze’ classes are the only German line troops that have been seen; the German equivalent to basic ‘Tommies’ has yet to appear.