Rank 1 Armour (Tommies)

A pair of 'Tommies', part of Holbrook Company's attack.

Name: ‘Tommies’ collectively
Affiliation: British Army
Rank: 1
Operator: Various, including Pvt. Roberta Paige

‘Tommies’ is the collective term for the smaller, mass-produced Armours operated by the line troops of the British Army, such as Roberta Paige.


‘Tommies’ are small, squat machines, standing a little over twice the height of a person. Like the larger Rank 3 Armours, the operator’s head actually fits inside an inset helmet.


‘Tommies’ have been seen in the field in every engagement in ‘Operator’; a group, consisting part of Holbrook Company, were seen behind Griff and Ash’s Armours prior to the assault on the French town, some were seen engaging Jaeger’s bodyguards, and several were visible before the artillery ambush on Fairfax company.

Armament and AbilitiesEdit

‘Tommies’ are typically armed with a heavy gauntlet on the left hand, and a solid-ammo cannon on a hardpoint where the right arm would be.