John D. Kadigan [NE0014]


Name: John D. Kadigan
Gender: Male
Affiliation: American secret service/ British Army
Rank: Unknown
Debut:New Era 001
Armour: None

John D. Kadigan is the protagonist of the 'New Era' Operator comics. He is an American secret service agent on loan to the British Army.


John is a black-haired man of notably younger age than Griff or Operator's other protagonists. He is relatively short, has chin-length messy hair and green eyes. He currently wears the same uniform as a Private in the British Army.


Many of the details of Kadigan's personality are as yet unclear. He makes an effort to be respectful towards higer-ranked officers, but freely grumbles about them out of earshot.


According to Ash's narration, Kadigan was found abandoned outside an orphanage in Kent aged roughly six months old. He was presumably raised there for several years [until about NE0004] before being taken in by the American secret services and moved to Washington. At some point before the New Era comics start, he returned to England to work with the British army.


Kadigan is first seen in the office of an unnamed eldery officer, recieving a mission. The specific details are as yet unknown, but the target appears to be prototype Armours being developed by the German army. After this, he makes his way to the docks, looking for a ship called the 'Mordred' where he will be briefed further. He then meeds the Mordred's captain, Cpt. Lucius Oxford, who seems to have lost his way.


Kadigan's skills and abilities are as yet unknown.



  • 'Kadigan' is an old American slang term for a 'placeholder word'- ie, it's a name given to something which you're not sure of the actual name of. 'John D' may be a reference to the practice of calling an unidentified body or person 'John Doe', making KAdigan's entire name a reference to his obscure origins.


  • 'That guy's such a pain in the ass. I'll show him "cowboy"...'