Cpt. Griffifth Alexander Holbrook

Cpt. Holbrook, showing his medal strip

‘Operator’ uses several themes related to colour.

Medal stripsEdit

Each British ranking officer in ‘Operator’ has a bar of coloured squares on the left side of their chest. This is unique for each officer. All three Captains have four blocks, Lt. Ashleigh has three, and Lt. Grey has two. Roberta Paige, being a newly-recruited Private, had no coloured blocks at all. If there is any significance to the exact colours or their combinations, this has yet to be revealed. Interestingly, Captain Holbrook and Captain Fairfax have the exact same combination of colours as each other, but in reverse order.

Rank 4 Armour- 'Raging Griffon'

The 'Raging Griffon' prominently displaying Griff's red heraldry

Company ColoursEdit

Each of the three companies in ‘Operator’ has its own colour; this is displayed on the helmet and left shoulder of their Captain’s Armour, and is used for their coloured arrows on any tactical maps. Holbrook Company are red, Fairfax Company are blue, and Harcourt Company are yellow. These colours also appear to match their captains’ personal heraldry. It is possible that Hauptmann Hans-Jurgen Jaeger of the German Army follows this logic, in which case his company colour would be green.